Pool Plumbing & Plant Rooms

While the look of the swimming pool, the choice of tiles and the many happy years you’ll spend enjoying it are what most people think of when they start designing their pool, the real magic happens in the plant room with swimming pool plumbing. It’s the part that most people will never see, but it’s here that the real work in making your pool a safe, enjoyable and economic investment is done – which is why you need to pick somebody you can trust to get it up to standard. That’s where our design team at Pool Plans comes in! With 65 years of combined experience and over 3,000 successful projects with happy clients behind us, we’ve got the expertise and the conscientiousness to make your swimming pool project a success.

The design work

The job of designing the plant room is vital to the rest of the pool, and making sure it is sized correctly to deal with all of the pool’s requirements and the necessary access is just as important as the size and shape of the pool itself. The plant room will house all the heating, plumbing, filtration, air management and water treatment facilities, but getting the sizing and design right early on means avoiding any costly redesigns later on and makes servicing or altering the plant room further down the line much easier. To achieve all this our designers will be in constant consultation with you from start to finish, making sure you’re fully aware of all the necessary design elements so that you have full visibility from start to finish.

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The extra touches

Every swimming pool requires a plant room, but what distinguishes a run of the mill design from a truly exceptional one is all the small but necessary design decisions that anticipate and remove problems in swimming pool plumbing before they happen. Specifying things like extra space for storage is a great time saver when you’re looking for a place to put cleaning agents and equipment, but other considerations like soundproofing and the placement of the plant room can make the difference between a good and a bad outcome. For example, ensuring that the whole room is slightly sunken below the level of the pool water ensures that fewer pumps and less piping have to be used, which not only cuts down on the amount of space that it takes up but cuts its energy use and cost in with the bargain.

Working for you

Another area in which our expert design team has the edge is in our commitment to creating the best solution for you. Not only will we make sure that your swimming pool gives you years of fun and happy memories, we’ll help make sure it doesn’t break the bank or hurt the environment either. We’re committed to working towards and exceeding building regulations standards on energy efficiency and carbon emissions to make sure that you don’t end up paying for bad design, literally. By applying clever design solutions to problems, we can avoid the use of mechanical systems to solve problems wherever possible, cutting down on maintenance and running costs at the same time. This commitment shines through everywhere we work, from specifying the plant equipment to ensuring the plant room is large enough to make future maintenance easier and cheaper.

The right kit

There are some things that every swimming pool needs to keep it working safely and efficiently for years to come, but we believe in doing everything we can to get value for money for our clients, so we don’t design with half measures in mind. We have a range of high-quality suppliers that we trust and whose products we have years of experience in using, so we know them inside out. We also design to ensure that as little maintenance as possible is necessary, cutting down on costs long term. Designing and specifying the plant room kit isn’t just about the systems themselves, it’s also about how they’re installed. We use resilient mountings and high-quality joints throughout our projects, which not only means less maintenance and less chance of things going wrong, it can also mean less noise emitted by the plant room – which makes for a more pleasurable experience for all. The whole swimming pool plumbing system, from the plant room all the way to the ducts and piping that transfers water to and from the pool, can benefit from our efficient design and delivery – so your pool operates at peak efficiency.

A helping hand from A to B

Our expert design team will be on hand to help you achieve the pool of your dreams from start to finish. Before the first mark is made on the blueprints, we’ll be on hand to consult and help with every element of the design, and once you’re getting used to your new pool, we’ll help with any questions you may have. We hope that you’ll have a life long relationship with your new pool, and we design every job like it’s one of our own to make that happen. Get in touch today and see how we can help you!

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