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Sprayed concrete: the top choice for swimming pool shells

Sprayed concrete is the industry’s top choice for creating pool shells quickly.

Using traditional methods, a pool shell can take more than seven days to complete. Sprayed concrete, sometimes known as ‘shotcrete’, however, has changed all that.

Using this method, a pool shell, even one with complicated features, can be created in as little as five days – saving you both time and money.

Why choose us?

With years of experience behind us, our team are experts at constructing sprayed concrete shells for swimming pools.

We are well-experienced at supporting swimming pool contractors, as well as working directly with clients such as leisure facilities.

Always friendly and professional, we are experts at making your pool shell design a reality in a fraction of the time.

Our team work to the highest industry standards and recognise the need for meeting the tightest timescales and costs.

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Complex features

With so many projects under our belt, we never shy away from construction challenges.

Deck level pools and infinity-edge details, for example, are growing in popularity, thanks to their sleek looks and exceptional water filtration. Our team understands the challenges of these designs and are well-experienced at delivering them.

In addition, our team is skilled at constructing caves, and pool shells on piles.

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The ‘shotcrete’ process

  • Before the spray concrete process can begin, the site must be excavated, as well as prepared with a spray-on concrete blinding to a thickness of 50mm.
  • Our team is now ready to get started.
  • First, we need to build a temporary back shutter. This allows us to form the shape of the pool, including any special features.
  • A cage, reinforced with steel, is then installed. This is then followed by your specified fittings. Importantly, our team will install these at the location agreed with you.
  • Spray-on concrete can now be applied to the cage. This is done to a thickness of 200mm – giving you your pool shell.
  • The last step of the process is to remove the temporary shutter we installed at the very beginning.

Your pool shell, which is backed by a 10-year guarantee, is now complete and ready for rendering and tiling.

For more information about the process or to discuss your next project, please contact us today.

Working to the highest standards

Our pool shells meet the British Standard for water-retaining structures (BS8007). Alongside this, we are ISO9001-compliant, ensuring that every installation has been through the rigorous checks necessary for quality assurance.

Each of our pool shells is supplied with a full set of structural calculations and we are so confident in our process that our installations are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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