Stainless steel features

One of the best ways to liven up your swimming pool is to add in a few stainless-steel water features. With the addition of a water cannon, or perhaps even a hydrotherapy lounger, you can bring in the crowds with your exciting new features.

Here at, we know what the best stainless steel water features are and have experience installing them in swimming pools across the country. We can help you to find the perfect water feature for your swimming pool and advise you on the best location to place it.

What stainless steel features do we supply for swimming pools?

As well as offering bespoke pool plan designs to our customers, we also provide a range of stainless steel water features.

These can be installed in both private and public pools, and if you’re not sure whether your particular swimming pool is suitable for a stainless steel water feature, then just give us a call and we can talk you through the specifics before laying out a plan of action.

Stainless steel water features can add a new dimension to your swimming pool’s aesthetics, and their sleek look and design ensure that they can fit in almost anywhere while adding a modern touch.

The best thing about stainless steel water features is that they are so easy to clean, and they can seamlessly be kept both hygienic and sparklingly with ease.

Water cannons

One of our most popular stainless steel water features has always been the classic water cannon. These simple devices can be used as entertainment for the kids or they can be installed for their relaxing, massaging qualities in quieter areas of the pool. Water cannons have different levels of power and range, depending on the model.

Water and air bubble features

Other great options for swimming pools are water and air bubble features. These devices are able to pump air and water through a filter to produce bubbles. They are great fun to have installed, but of course, the major benefit of water and air bubble features is that they are incredibly therapeutic and relaxing too.

Hydrotherapy loungers

For the ultimate level of relaxation and calm, you will want to look at having a hydrotherapy lounger installed in your swimming pool.

These are top of the range stainless steel water features and they’ll keep your swimmers content and happy to do little else but lounge. Hydrotherapy loungers can be installed in a wide variety of different designs, from upright chairs to full-on loungers that extend back into the water.

Other features

But as well as water cannons, water and air bubble features and hydrotherapy loungers, we can also fit a huge range of alternative stainless steel water features too.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff aim to design and fit water features that are perfectly suited to your swimming pool’s environment and atmosphere.

Contact today to find out more about how we can help you to find the perfect stainless steel water features for your swimming pool.

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