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There’s a lot more to designing, specifying and building your perfect swimming pool than just the pool itself, and no job is complete without consideration of all the other factors in play. That’s why we’re just as proud of our swimming pool ducting solutions as we are of all of the other elements of a build.

While a swimming pool is a tranquil and relaxing place, it’s actually a challenging environment to build in due to factors including condensation, changes in heat and moisture, air movement and volume and many other factors. Dealing with these issues to ensure your swimming pool gives you many years of use is vital to any successful job, and we have many years of experience and hundreds of happy clients behind us.

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Channelling away humid air to be replaced with fresh dry air is important in preventing a wide range of issues from rot and corrosion to infection and maintaining hygiene, which is the main function of ducting in any swimming pool. We can achieve full-scale ducting installation and replacement projects in new or pre-existing pools to your exact specifications, and we can even ensure the ducts are hidden to maintain the chosen aesthetic of your space.

While the ducting in your pool is important, so is the plant equipment that will be used to move the air to create the desired effect. In order to ensure that your swimming pool has perfect climate control, we use world-leading Heatstar products, designed and manufactured in the UK. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in the manufacture and use of their products, we can tailor their solutions to achieve any aims you have for your swimming pool space, whether it’s a large space in a school or leisure centre or a smaller system designed for a private house or hotel.

Every site and swimming pool is unique, so we start off by conducting a thorough survey of the space in order to determine the area’s specific needs in terms of capacity and function. We also specify and design all the associated systems that are needed as part of a climate control system such as ducting, which enables the right amount of air to be distributed to the right places throughout the swimming pool space.

It’s a given that our ducting solutions will help your pool building work at its optimum, but we also go above and beyond in environmental and energy-efficient design. We have been involved in over 3000 projects, many of which have won industry awards, so you can trust that we are trained in the latest building regulations to ensure our works meet and exceed the standards. As a result, your swimming pool ducting and air handling solution will perform to the highest industry standards, but without making an unduly large impact on the environment, or on your energy bills.

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